May 07 2018

A Soul Connection

     Every once in awhile, you will come across a person that vibrates on the same frequency as you do. The conversation and
experiences often create a symbiotic rhythm that has no explanation, right or wrong reasoning. It's a mystery as to how and
why the universe comes together so your limbs and hearts can mingle between the sheets, meanwhile endlessly ripping
each other apart and finishing with some heart to heart bonding.

     These are by far my favorite types of interactions. Everyone seeks a connection of some kind and we all need to feel loved
and wanted. We communicate 75% of the time with body language, so it's not a shock we use our bodies to
form a strong bond and relationship with another human being to show our appreciation! However, we've gotten so disconnected
with speech that sometimes we rely on our bodies too much and at the end of the day expect others to take care of
ourselves, or we simply do not know how to.. The tricky part is connecting our own selves enough to know what we need and how to communicate it to another human being instead of having expectations and expecting them to read our minds. This means we have to be willing and open. I do this by leveling the field and taking a look from the other persons point of view.

     My experiences have shown me that compassion for every person on the planet is worthwhile, no matter how much the cost of
 my pride and what I think I know, I force myself to keep an open mind and shut up and listen. I get to encourage and learn
from others by tuning in, asking questions, and repeating back to them what I think I heard. I wish everyone did this
because it would make relationships so much easier and we could all get our needs met...but this takes time.
      To have a connection with my own soul and the earth around me, I've had to do some deep emotional work on myself to crack
open the wonderful organ that is my brain. I've unraveled my past, I've processed it, I'm happy, free and alive.
Everyone has different life experiences and we take what we know and bring it to the table. I love it when I can read a
person, ease them into comfort, and take care of them. I nurture, I give, I love, and I learn. When other people do this at
the same time for themselves, when they leave their stressors and meet me on the same page, it becomes an amazing experience
I could never forget.
I'm addicted to the rush, the oxytocin, the excitement, the spontaneity! AND the most important ingredient- Vulnerability

  It takes guts to open up to a stranger, to unveil your deepest emotions, to be so raw and exposed. Naked. We naturally pull away
because we don't want to seem weak and we're afraid of getting hurt. But for me, the most hurtful thing I can do is keep myself hidden away from others. Pain is inevitable and opening up can be painful... BUT what would happen if you didn't? What is the worst thing that could go wrong?
  I invite and encourage you to try to be more open and breathe deeply, connect with your emotions so you can access peaceful,
calm strength. Or sad and angry thoughts. We all need to accept however we show up and let others see that side of
ourselves as well. We have nothing to be ashamed of. We have nothing to fear but fear itself. We don't have to walk alone.
I don't view this occupation/job/hobby/whatever you want to call it, as a one-way street. Life has many types of transactions, but being your escort has brought me priceless moments and joy I could never forget. You are also giving me something in return, a connection.
A beautiful and deep soul connection.
Thank you for sharing yourselves with me.
I am eternally grateful, from one soul to another.


Bowie: 2018-09-08 18:34:42
Nice ponderous writing Emma. I have yet to meet you but I can feel your words finding a cool path to my inner being. I agree showing my true self makes me feel vulnerable and naked. Not everyone wants to be around this vurnerabilty, maybe because it frightens them. With the right provider, however, getting naked seems natural both mentally, spiritually, and physically so I can be accepted and validating for who I am. Masks come off with the right person whose heart is open to finding beauty in everything.