Mar 28 2018

Intro... Who is Emma?

It was a Saturday evening and my first appointment as Emma Darling. I met with a young man, polite and excited to see me. We chatted some and got cozy in between the sheets. We jostled our bodies sideways and climbed on top of each other effortlessly. We were together for 4 hours that night. "You look like a college girl" so innocent and delicate... many are surprised though, that it's the innocent ones with the best kept secrets!

I lost my virginity at 18, but I think I lost it to myself at 12 when I watched lesbian porn every day after school. I found my love button and was addicted immediately. In high school, I had a boyfriend who made me squirt... but he didn't know what was happening(today's sex education, for ya) and pulled his fingers out right away. I wasn't able to do it until I was drunk several years later. I was hardly in touch with my body even though I was fascinated and scared of it.

After high school, I immediately took to the water and knew that I had a gift for seducing others...

I've done everything from riding sybians, being in orgies, threesomes, girl on girl action, role playing, femdom experience, foot fetishes, body worship, food play, was a dancer for 5 years... nothing fazes me...

Fast forward several years later, I am at a swingers party and everyone is coming up to me. I'm a cute girl, I never realized the power of my beauty and personality until now. I'm bubbly and perky, but I didn't believe others for the longest time and thought they were just lying to me to make me smile. But no, they weren't lying.

I jump up and down, cuddle and charm my way into peoples hearts just with a smile and a laugh, or a goofy expression. I'm prancing around like the mischevious kitty that I am, hopping from one room to another, watching people go at it like bunny rabbits. This is my life!

I enjoy my body, I enjoy others, and I truly believe in the therapeutic state that sex can bring when it is done with
passion and eagerness. I aim to please, it isn't that difficult to be genuine in these scenarios. Everyone has something that is beautiful about themselves and is to be enjoyed by others... once you find it in yourself, your happiness can be unlocked
and there's nothing holding you back from achieving the best life you can possilby live.


I'm Emma Darling...

...and welcome to my world....