Sep 05 2018

Keeping it Sexy and Simple

So, I haven't been a full service provider long. If anything, only since mid-March. And I am now FINALLY a Premium Provider on TNA, and very proud of myself for that. Figuring out the system to buy coinbase and when to post ads, when not to post ads... believe me, there is a method to the madness! Managing oneself via scheduling appointments, screening clients, gathering information and asking questions to get to know you guys might not seem like much, but I can be messaging someone for a few hours on end if I'm talking to someone who may seem hesitant or unsure of the information I'm asking for and why. I've come to a place where I need to put myself out there and be more direct as well as forward with my ads and availablity.

I'd love to be there for you all, but I can't afford to lose my sanity shifting my schedule around just because you are afraid your wife might find out you are seeing a cute, bubbly redhead! Hey, I'm not telling anyone! ;)

It's been tough, I've been meaning to stay consistent and attract clientele that want to see me and value my time- therefore I've created a schedule from 4pm to 10pm, Monday through Friday at my incall which is located 5 minutes East of the downtown area. After meeting with a client, I'm usually more relaxed and happy to delight in an adventure to their place. My heart and body becomes comfortable after I've met you, knowing that I can feel safe and that there isn't a man waiting down the hallway about to come in and grab me while you are waiting for me to come out of the bathroom... 

We all want to feel safe and happy. We all want to feel desired and not get so involved. I desire fun and simplicity. I don't care for over the top emotions, erradict behaviors, Gucci and Prada. I'm a small town girl that came to the city not because the movies told me to do so, but because I knew that this is where I was meant to be. I like different, I like unique, but I also like familiar. And familiarity to me means that I am home with you. 

As sexy and fun as I am, and as much fun and sexy time you want to have with me, let's not forget that I am providing an stress-free experience and that I would also like to have one as well. I know many of you out there are avid blog followers as well - I'm happy to give myself to you and I have an app account you may show your appreciation to if you would like me to write you a personal, erotic session. I have plenty of them stored up in my brain, but my personal life has to come first. 

I promise I will make more time in the future for my writings and will work on putting out ads more consistently. Thank you for your patience, kindness, and allowing me to be myself. 

Much Love,


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