Sep 18 2018

My Lesbian Fantasy#1: Part One

It's a Thursday. My boyfriend is leaving for a business trip this upcoming weekend. He's gone somewhere on the other side of the states, supposedly back by Sunday. He's in sales, just trying to keep us afloat, working in the big league corporate offices. And I'm just a barista at a local coffee shop. Seattle is getting hard to make friends in, everyone seems so to themselves. All of my friends back home in California are always partying. I miss them, I miss the fearless nightlife, I miss the drinking, the sex. So I decide to make a dating profile in search of some fun...


It's Friday night now. I'm trying to figure out what to wear. I got invited to this party by a lovely petite blonde on this website I've been cruising throughout the day. Her name is Penny and she's absolutely gorgeous, with green cat eyes. I hope she's just as goodlooking as she is in her photos. 

It's 11pm. I am waiting for Penny to show up before we hit up the local lesbian bar called Wild Thorn, and throw back some drinks, hopefully getting in a little flirting here and there. I always have to keep it together, always have to be calm, cool, and collected. But that is not on my mind right now... I go with a lacy pink tank top that shows off my black bra very nicely and a black mini skirt with black heels and fishnet stockings. I am not holding back, I'm making my intentions perfectly clear- I want to seduce and be seduced.


There's Penny, excitdely running up the street ready to greet me.. I gasped as I watched her bleach blonde hair move with her bouncy expression. She's showing off her arms with a white over-sized tank top, black jeans and black boots. I'm excited. She seems so delicate, yet androgynous. There's something I can't quite put my finger on about her. She has a silent air about her, It's intimidating and yet... she starts talking, "Hey, so great to finally meet you! It's been forever, right?" and she laughs... oh, when she laughs. Fuck, my pussy quivered at the sound of her playful laughter. She stroked her hair back behind her ears with a shy smile peeking out from her lips, lips I already wanted to devour right then and there. 

"I was thinking we could hit up Wild Thorn in Cap HIll, have a couple drinks, maybe get some pizza and then check out the danceclub The Chapel? I heard it's one of the hottest gay clubs around" She looked at me with a knowingly nod, "Oh, I heard good things about  Wild Thorn, I"m absolutely down to go! I will tell you right now that I suck at dancing, but I'm always down for some pizza." Oh. My. God. My pussy cannot stop quaking over her strong voice and soft features. She's like a greek Goddess that decided to dress as a man for a night... take me now, take me now, take me now. She grabs my hand and winks at me, "Alright pretty little lady, let's go" 

We get to the Wild Thorn and the bar is busy. We take a few shots of whiskey and then head to A Pizza Machine right down the block... the entire time, I was shy and so confused. I might actually like this girl more then my boyfriend! No, no. I just want to have sex with her. I keep going back and forth, but I couldn't think when she accidentally brushed her hand on my thigh. "Oh, sorry, I absolutey meant to do that" and she winked at me... "Well, if you are going to do that now, then I think I'm going to have to scoot closer to you, so sorry not sorry" I said as I watched her take a deep breath and look at me in surprise. "Oh, hey now! I thought I was the man in this situation." and we laughed in unision... I just wanted to get her back to my place, under the sheets and stripped of her clothes. I wanted to see just how feminine of a creature she was underneath. 

We finished our pizza slices and downed our beers. I was feeling pretty warm and not noticing how cold it really was outside. A crisp Fall evening of 53 degrees, but I didn't care because I had this sexy, beautiful Goddess right next to me. We were walking to The Chapel, touching each other lightly, brushing our bodies against each other coyly. I was ready to push my breasts up against her, to feel the weight of her body move against mine. I wanted her to take me on the dancefloor, and I hope that she wouldn't stop there. Another shot of Jameson and we were good to go! 

It was 1:15, the crowd was full of color, people of all ages and ethnicities, girl, boy, gay, straight. Mostly gay. Wow, so many women kissing each other! And they were all so beautiful... I felt like I had been transported to a Greek Island where I was suddenly amongst breathtaking mermaids about to drag me to my doom. I was hoping that doom would be everlasting and full of sexual fantasy and intrigue. I couldn't help but wonder if this had been my plan all along or Pennys... she took my drink away from me and pulled me into the crowd. "Okay, you got me in here, so you have to show me your moves!" she yelled over the poppy electronic music which had to have been Britney Spears. I jokingly started doing the chicken dance, "Okay, now you have to show me your awkward dance moves because SURPRISE! I can't dance either" she rolled her eyes and said, "Then why'd you bring me here you dork?" but before I could stop and think about what I was doing, I leaned in and kissed her hard, my tongue snaking around hers, my hands softly holding onto her face, her body softening under my grip validating the fact that I hadn't made a complete and utter fool of myself.

"So I could do this" I said slowly into her ear and pulled away, eyes locking intensely onto each others gaze. Again, I could tell I was blowing her mind and catching her off guard just by how surprised she had looked. 


To be continued...