May 11 2018

Owning my sexual freedom

     Last night's appointment was so much fun! There were 3 things my client said to me that I thought were unbelievable. Of
course, his responses made it very clear that he found me unbelievable. As I'm going down on him, "You are so sweet and
nice" Me: "Well, I don't see any reason to be mean" and laughed. He complimented my techniques as I was down on my knees...
Oh, how I love being on my knees, being served.. It didn't matter if I was on top or below him, I wouldn't have it any other way! "You are very good at that, I'm sure you know this already" Oh my... how do I not sound cocky about this??? Why, yes I do know how to suck cock and I LOVE it! I love sucking, licking, slurping, drooling, gagging all over. I politely said thank you and went back to my hobby. "You are so beautiful, one of the sexiest women out there" I have a hard time believing this because I have to look at myself everyday, but I do have my days where I feel I'm on top of the world and the prettiest of them all. :P
      One of the most difficult things I've had to deal with when working in the stripclub, was finding the customers who would
love and respect me for me. When I found them, I was on top of the moon, having so much fun with them but never able to
express myself fully... I felt I had to prove myself and was being constantly compared to women whom put hours into their looks
and features, with surgeries and Sephora make-up. No hate to them, they looked damn good and they worked their stuff. But
alas, I was a drugstore girl, where wet n'wild was the chicest thing I could posibly find! No one taught me anything about
make-up, clearly -_-
      I was afraid to escort for awhile. I knew that it would be easier to be myself just by giving what I knew how to give- a
fanfuckingtastic time! But I wasn't ever sure... it wasn't until I quit dancing and started camwork, that I thought, "I am
fucking myself in front of a computer screen, waiting for others to pay me and hardly enjoying it. What am I doing?" It took me
getting away from an extremely unhealthy relationship, that I said, "Fuck it, I'm loving myself and I'm giving myself freedom. Let it fucking ring!" and I decided to escort.
      My encounters are pretty relaxed. You come in, I greet you, we sit and get to now each other a little bit, wash up if
needed, touch, fondle, make-out, and whatever we do from there is magic... I was just thinking last night, it's great to not have to
struggle to find such amazing hobbyists and providers. I was always grateful for attention, but now I am extremely
grateful for the people that want to see me. I got to a point where stripping was difficult, waiting around for something to happen
instead of making things happen with people I wanted to provide for. I grew sour and tired. I floated between "This sucks" and
"I'm so happy, I had such a great time" which was hard to deal with . And it was always difficult getting turned down constantly- it was never personal, but it can harden you if you let it. 
      Now, I am rarely in a bad mood before or after I see a client. I have the best time with people who want to have the best time! 
                          Life is too short to feel ashamed of doing something that is supposed to be a natural act of joy.
This isn't just about the money- if you want to be great and live a fulfilling life, you have to do what you enjoy and give it 110%. I am so glad I decided to be fearless and get out of my cocoon and fly. I hope this inspires some of you to give up your old ideas that are no longer working for you and try something new, something you have always wanted to do but never thought possible. I hope you have the best experience with whatever provider you choose. And I hope the providers out there are grateful and respectful to all clients, because we all are human at the end of the day. Not atms, not blow-up dolls. Just animals living in the jungle that is the world, looking to mount each other over, and over, and over again... 
Yours Truly,
Emma D.