May 29 2018


When we get together, I want you to step into my incall and feel as if the outside world has drifted away from you. I want
you to feel my touch melt into your subconscious and relieve any tension that has impeded your ability to relax, let go, and
enjoy life. I understand how hard our daily routines can wear on us. It is part of the reason why I decided to become an
escort, so I can have variety and also develop lasting, wonderful relationships with others. Intimacy for me isn't a light
thing, granted it can be expressed with anyone. I want you to feel you are important, cared for and appreciated. I will show
you nothing but gratitude and do my best to not let me personal life dictate my feelings that day and get in the way of our
experience. I believe in attachment, detachment and letting go of ourselves when the need calls for it.
Our society deals with escapism in many different ways. For me, it use to be alcohol and sex. It bugs me how our society
shames us for the things we need and totally ignores the fact that being human is okay. I love it when people come to my
incall and they look for me to fulfill their needs. What a fucking honor that is! For someone to choose you to fulfill a
fantasy and desire.