It's a Thursday. My boyfriend is leaving for a business trip this upcoming weekend. He's gone somewhere on the other side of the states, supposedly back by Sunday. He's in sales, just trying to keep us afloat, working in the big league corporate offices. And I'm just a barista at [more...]
So, I haven't been a full service provider long. If anything, only since mid-March. And I am now FINALLY a Premium Provider on TNA, and very proud of myself for that. Figuring out the system to buy coinbase and when to post ads, when not to post ads... believe me, [more...]
So, now that I am no longer contagious(Had mono in June) and have been back at work since the beginning of the month, I have been taking my time slowly getting up to speed energy-wise and especially with the amount of customers I see. I don't like to rush anyone or be [more...]
May 29 2018


When we get together, I want you to step into my incall and feel as if the outside world has drifted away from you. I want you to feel my touch melt into your subconscious and relieve any tension that has impeded your ability to relax, let go, and enjoy life. I [more...]
     Last night's appointment was so much fun! There were 3 things my client said to me that I thought were unbelievable. Of course, his responses made it very clear that he found me unbelievable. As I'm going down on him, "You are so sweet and nice" Me: "Well, I don't [more...]
     Every once in awhile, you will come across a person that vibrates on the same frequency as you do. The conversation and experiences often create a symbiotic rhythm that has no explanation, right or wrong reasoning. It's a mystery as to how and why the universe comes together so your [more...]
          SIN BDSM night, a new event, took place this last Sunday. I walked in with a dominant demeanor that night, ready to devour women and men in my line of sight. I wore crotchless fishnet stockings with a cream colored push-up bra and a black [more...]
  I didn't know what to expect. I signed up for it weeks ago, at this club I go to to swing with my playpartner at. We are very good at roping couples in and I use my intuitive skills to see if there is any chemistry. More often then not, [more...]
It was a Saturday evening and my first appointment as Emma Darling. I met with a young man, polite and excited to see me. We chatted some and got cozy in between the sheets. We jostled our bodies sideways and climbed on top of each other effortlessly. We were together [more...]