Jul 20 2018

July's Update + Kink/Safety Discussion

So, now that I am no longer contagious(Had mono in June) and have been back at work since the beginning of the month, I have
been taking my time slowly getting up to speed energy-wise and especially with the amount of customers I see. I don't like to rush
anyone or be rushed, so I often have no more then 3 people a day. When I have my regular amount of energy. Now, it's been
about no more then 2 people a day. I have had some really fun experiences being back although I'm a bit worried that since
I started not too long ago, I've lost some regulars. I do miss quite a few of you, although I understand it looks flakey
when somebody is gone for a month. I will continue to reach out to some of you because I enjoy your company :)
One client in particular whom I've seen a few times, I had the wonderful opportunity to break out my kinky side with and
dress up as a playful cat! I wore my ears, collar, paws, and buttplug tail. Of course, I don't need to tell you he came at
me from behind like the fun-loving dog he is ;)
And then we ended up doing it in a park in his van...
Now, normally I do not do cardates, but I tend to get pretty comfortable and more free once I've gotten to know you a bit better and Idefinitely suggest scheduling a regular appointment first before any sort of public activity. And very seldomly, do I let others get
rough with me, but I enjoyed being slapped around. Literally. My face, my breasts, my ass. When I feel someone inside of me
getting rough and just further making me horny... I need a little bit of a wake-up call! I strongly do not urge anyone to
do this unless someone has shown you how though, because it's possible you might actually end up hitting someone rather then
slapping if your palm is not matched up with their cheekbone. This means your mostly slapping with the tops of your fingers
between the jaw line and underneath the cheekbone. No one likes to get hit in the head, super huge turn-off! If you are in the mood to get kinky, please use tip above while holding opposite side of head, and do not try to see how hard you can slap someone at first. Work your way up to that, please!
Reasons why I love swinging and kink, is because I'm often a homebody and I'm also a clossetted adrenaline junkie whom watches a crap ton of porn :) I don't like to be rough, all of the time. I enjoy
feeling loved and while I might be good at getting others physically turned on, I'm still somewhat new and up for exploring any kink
or Vanilla events you might be interested in! Nothing, absolutely nothing fazes me.
I love kink, being a Dominatrix, swimming, going to the nude beach, dining out, going to the movie theater, dancing, art museums...
So, just to reiterate, my hours are from 4 to 10 on weekdays at my INCALL.
I will occassionally accept later appointsments if I have the energy.
I suggest planning ahead and please don't be shy if
you have any fun things you want to try. I enjoy researching and exploring, so I'm sure we can explore together. 
Also, if any of you are reading this, I'm thinking of taking a trip across the water to Kitsap county out on the Peninsula.
I really enjoy the outdoors and I figure it'll be a good get-away to meet other people and explore cute
little towns I haven't spent much time in.
Again, the best way to get the ball rolling is to make sure you are already on
TNA and have references
. If you are new or traveling through, alternate screening is available, especially for newbies.
Again, this is for my safety. I've been having a tough time talking to prospective clients whom aren't super serious about
being active in the community, but just want to get down to the nitty gritty. That's fine and all, but you have to under-
stand that while I don't like to take life too seriously, I really enjoy what I do and have to be safe and concerned about
whom I see.
A social media page, your work number/work website(I literally call to ask if **YOUR NAME** works here and if they say yes, I
hang up), and a phone number to go off of.
Nothing intrusive. However, at the end of the day, knowing who someone is is not
a terrible thing. But being in a room physically with someone I don't know, who could assault me, is and should be more of
a concern for you guys.
To those who are new, as a provider, I am just trying to figure out what you like and what you want. I don't want to make
any phone conversation more complicated then it has to be, but if you are contacting me and asking me if I'm available, it'd
be great to know who you are, what you are after, and how much time you would like to spend together. I am not interested or
turned on by questions like, "can you take my 10 inch cock?" or demands like, "Get your pussy wet for me, baby." Okay,
awesome, I'm up for trying either of those things after you recognize that I'm still a person and also enjoy seduction. I love dirty talk, 
I love riding men and women like we're passing through the grand canyon... I'm absolutely all for it!
I really don't care how big you are, what types of experiences you've had in the past although I want to make sure that I'm
not going to be hurting you or affecting your health in some way.
I'm just eager in getting to know who you are as a person and what you are after, and if you'd like to do something
particular, just ask and discuss. I am not a fan of people who consider conversation to be classified as "drama".
I am also not going to be a stickler and say, "Please don't message me just "Hi"." If you really are nervous and not sure
what to expect, or you are shy, I'm not going to scold you or get mad at you for asking certain questions. I understand
everyone has a certain way of communicating and I'm not here to judge you or tell you that coming(Cumming) to me is a
terrible thing and how dare you LOL my pussy and mind is yours the minute you step into my incall or I step into your place...
I hope this clears some things up for anyone. I am still fairly new to this and unsure as to how to present myself to the
community. If any one of you has any tips or concerns, feel free to reach out!